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we make sure food is
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Let us take care of your kitchen for you!
Ensuring your employees stay happy & healthy throughout the day.

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Industry Leading Technology

Technology benefits everything. Especially snacks! We use predictive technology & intelligent AI to figure out what your employees love in their break room, and then make smart decisions on what to supply you with.

Intelligent Apps

Our propritary applications take all of the work out of managing your snack supply chain. Deciding on what your office needs to be productive & happy has never been easier!'

Deep analytics

We use real time analytics on what your employees love and use. This data enables us to send you the perfect snacks which keep employees happy & healthy and reach your office wellness goals.

Nibbler Bot

Feedback made easy! Say hi to @nibbler anytime in a slack channel you wish to install the bot to, and send us direct & instant feedback!

& of course
healthy & delicious

We're dedicated to making every employee's day better with snacks that make you feel better & enjoy at the same time!

Regardless of your dietary preferences, we offer organic, natural, GMO free, gluten free, paeleo & allergen free options so that everyone can love what they eat.

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FUN food

There's no reason snacks have to be boring to be healthy! We bring you fun options sure to energize mind & body.

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Eating good food at work is proven to boost productivity in the office, it's science! We make sure that you're always in supply with healthy snack options.

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Eating right is essential. We know a key part of that is using natural ingredients in everything we provide for your kitchen.

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for everyone

Regardless of your dietary preferences, we make sure you have access to gluten free, GMO free, allergen free, paeleo, organic & natural snack options.