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Your office grocery... automated

Snacks. Drinks. Fruit. Fun. Delivered!

Smart Kitchen solutions are ideal for any office in need of some serious stress relief.

We're here to help.

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' Smart '

/smärt/, adjective

Saving you time and money by making your kitchen easier to manage. We use artificial intelligence and smart technology to take all of the hassle away from you.

' Kitchen '

/kiCH(ə)n/, noun

Where your team is built and employees are nourished. Smart is about enhancing the kitchen & ensuring the best experiences & outcomes for employees.

Your Own
Dedicated account manager.

Your dedicated account manager ensures that your Smart Kitchen experience is always top notch. From simply restocking the kitchen to handling special requests, we are there to make things easy.

Creating Experiences
For your team of employees.

The kitchen is a social venue that provides the social interaction people crave. The Smart Kitchen transforms your kitchen into the ideal environment for co-workers to mingle and share a treat through a long day.

Always new options!
Tons of healthy & delicious variety.

With our rotating invetory you are constantly getting introduced to new delicous snacks. We work with over 2000 suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quality and everyone in the office needs are being met.

Exceptional Service,
Using AI.

A hands off solution to manage your office kitchen.
We use our own in-house software to track requests & monitor consumption of snacks, and make smart decisions on what's best for your office.

What's in your Smart Kitchen?
& What does it cost?

Your smart kitchen contains just what your employees love. We'll work with you to find a great blend of healthy & tasty drinks from thousands of options.

Plans start from $20 per employee, per month.

Healthy, delicious & Canadian.


All of your employees favourites. We don't stock just 'some' snacks. We find your employees favourite snacks using analytics & make sure they have those exact snacks they love.

Refreshing & unique.


A huge variety of drinks for lovers of anything. Our drink selection places a stress on healthy beverages your employees love, but we've got options for anything you love.

The premier healthy snack.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit boosts health for rough winter periods & more importantly is loved by employees. Fresh Fruit provides refreshment in ways that nothing else can

Bold, Fresh, Light, Whatever you love.


Waking up is easy with Sips signature roasts by Desk Nibbles in your Kitchen. Featuring Ottawa's oldest roasting company in the city - Kafia roasters.