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We're making work more enjoyable for offices of all sizes. Whether your office is still growing, or thousands of people, we want to help your office be a productive place that your employees love to be at! We offer innovative Smart Kitchens for large offices, and Snack Box Solutions for small enterprises.

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Save Time

save time

Let our experts handle everything for you, we make sure everything is sourced and sent to you, when you need it!



Not only are we making your snacks healthy, we look for a variety of delicious options that are sure to please everyones unique tastes.


Your health is a top priority for us! Desk Nibbles brings in snacks which boost energy while caring for your personal health. A healthy employee is a productive employee!


Always Local

We're proudly Canadian, and we source our snacks from home. Most of our snacking options come from a local business or farm, supporting your local community.


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"We love Desk Nibbles because it gives us an affordable perk that everyone gets excited about!"

Melissa - Director of HATCH

"The Desk Nibbles team is reliable and I can count on them every week to make my job easier."

Kayla - Office Manager YOU.I TV

IMS Health
Windmill Development Group

technology meets

We're innovating the snacking industry. We use our own in house software to track & monitor consumption of snacks, and make smart decisions on what's best for your unique office!

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We're your snacking

Our team will handle everything for you! We're experts at finding the perfect snacks for your employees, using a wide range of predictive technologies & industry experience.

We'll ask you for a brief summary of what you're looking for, and make sure that you're delivered what you love.


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